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Nordic Charge is an official Rolec partner

Partnering with Rolec

Nordic Charge has recently become the official partner and reseller of Rolec products in the Nordic region, which includes Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. This partnership allows Nordic Charge to provide a comprehensive range of Rolec’s high-quality electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions to customers in these countries.

Rolec and Monta join forces to deliver over
20,000 connected EV charge points in 2023

The Monta platform also enables businesses with electric fleets to stay charged no matter where the driver is. As a result of the partnership, Rolec drivers will have access to thousands of charge points on the Monta network with the ability to be instantly reimbursed for their charge via the Monta wallet. Furthermore, by sponsoring a private domestic charge point, fleet drivers can also automatically be reimbursed for the kWh used to charge the vehicle at home.

As part of the Powered by Monta programme, all new compatible Rolec units will now be shipped directly from the factory with Monta onboard.

Smart Charging

With Monta you can set the charge point to only charge at times when conditions are met, such as low electricity price. Switch between public and private mode in seconds.


Charging points connected to Monta are available on many other EV charging apps. Attract more drivers by being available where EV drivers are.

No app needed

Connect a Monta QR sticker to your charging station. Once connected, drivers can scan the QR sticker, charge and pay without downloading the app.

Charge Points from Rolec

Commercial & Domestic Chargers

Rolec BasicCharge

The BASICCHARGE is an elegantly simple and cost-effective EV charging pedestal. 

This versatile charging solution incorporates integrated LED amenity lighting, greatly enhancing visibility within the charging bays and their immediate surroundings.

Rolec Quantum

The QUANTUM stands as a rugged and durable EV charging pedestal, equipped with heavy-duty, vandal-resistant attributes. 

It is the perfect choice for open, high-traffic locations, including workplaces and public car parks.

Rolec SecuriCharge

The SECURICHARGE represents the ideal wall-mounted EV chargepoint for workplaces and car parks. 

Boasting heavy-duty, vandal-resistant characteristics making it the perfect solution for exposed locations, prioritizing safety and security.

Rolec UltraCharge 160

The UltraCharge 160 is an intelligent, modular, and scalable charger that can be upgraded in 20kW modules, reaching a total capacity of 160kW. 

This flexibility positions it as a future-proof and cost-effective solution for the deployment of public, fleet, and highway infrastructure.

Rolec WallPod

The WALLPOD is an EV charging unit known for its affordability and reliability. 

It suits both domestic and commercial settings, delivering up to 7.4kW fast charging capabilities.

Rolec Zura

The ZURA is a versatile and sophisticated charging solution, offering sought-after smart features and unique customizable aesthetics. 

It caters to both residential and commercial needs, delivering up to 22kW superfast charging.

Why choose Charge Points from Rolec?

Extensive Product Range

Rolec offers a comprehensive range of EV charge points, catering to various needs and applications. Their product portfolio includes domestic, commercial, marina and public charging solutions, ensuring that they can serve diverse customer segments effectively.

High-Quality and Reliable Solutions

Rolec Services Ltd is renowned for manufacturing high-quality and reliable EV charge points. Their products undergo rigorous testing and adhere to international standards, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. This commitment to quality gives them a competitive edge in the market.

Industry Experience and Expertise

With decades of experience in the EV charging industry, Rolec has accumulated valuable expertise and a deep understanding of market dynamics. Their seasoned team of professionals possesses the knowledge and insights necessary to address unique challenges and deliver optimal solutions.

Scalability and Flexibility

Rolec's charging solutions are designed to be scalable and flexible, allowing for seamless expansion and customization as per customer requirements. Whether it's a small residential installation or a large-scale public charging infrastructure, Rolec has the expertise and product offerings to meet diverse project needs

Innovation and Technological Expertise

Rolec invests in continuous innovation and keeps up with the latest advancements in EV charging technology. By leveraging their extensive research and development efforts, they consistently introduce new features and capabilities, making their charge points technologically advanced and user-friendly.

Strong Partnerships and Collaborations

Rolec has forged strategic partnerships and collaborations with key players in the EV ecosystem, including Monta. These partnerships help enhance their market presence, expand their reach, and enable seamless integration with other EV infrastructure components.

Charge Points from Rolec

Domestic Chargers Only


Introducing the QUBEV Smart – the ultimate solution for every electric vehicle owner

Imagine having complete control and transparency over your unit’s electricity usage. The smart features of QUBEV Smart provide real-time updates, allowing you to monitor and optimize your power consumption like never before. Say goodbye to unnecessary energy costs and hello to a more efficient charging process.

But that’s not all. The QUBEV Smart goes beyond just electricity monitoring. It keeps you secure with live security alerts, ensuring the safety of your vehicle at all times. Additionally, its advanced fault detection capabilities give you peace of mind, detecting any issues before they become major problems.

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