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Nordic Charge: An official partner of Rolec Services Ltd

Nordic Charge has recently become the official partner and reseller of Rolec products in the Nordic region, which includes Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. This partnership allows Nordic Charge to provide a comprehensive range of Rolec's high-quality electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions to customers in these countries.

By partnering with Rolec, a leading manufacturer in the EV charging industry, Nordic Charge aims to meet the increasing demand for reliable and efficient charging infrastructure in the Nordic market. Rolec’s products include a wide range of EV charging stations, from residential wall chargers to commercial and public charging solutions.

Nordic Charge’s partnership with Rolec signifies a strategic move to offer customers in the Nordic region access to Rolec’s cutting-edge technology and expertise in EV charging solutions. As the official partner and reseller, Nordic Charge will not only provide Rolec’s products but also offer installation, maintenance, and support services to ensure customers have a seamless and hassle-free experience.

This partnership further solidifies Nordic Charge’s commitment to promoting sustainable transportation solutions throughout the Nordic countries. By offering Rolec’s products, Nordic Charge aims to contribute to the growth of the EV industry in the region while meeting the evolving needs of individuals, businesses, and communities in terms of clean and efficient mobility.

With this collaboration, Nordic Charge is well-positioned to support the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and help build a robust charging infrastructure network across Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

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