Nordic Charge

Project Planning


In collaboration with professional partners, we offer comprehensive project bids, delivering a full-service solution. This includes the expertise of professional electricians for installation, a diverse selection of hardware tailored to each project, seamless integration of chargers with suitable cloud software and CPO, and a dedicated support line available throughout the entire process. Explore our procedure below to understand how we can assist you.



Once a project is defined and the project information is shared with us, we assign the appropriate professionals to the task. Subsequently, we mediate the installation details to the project initiator, ensuring a satisfactory agreement for all parties involved.



Our hardware solutions are designed to meet the specific functionalities required for each project. In collaboration with the project initiator, we determine the correct hardware and provide tailored bids that encompass both hardware and installation prices and procedures.



Upon agreement and correct installation of the project, we ensure that all chargers are configured seamlessly with the desired cloud software and CPO. Each bid is individually crafted based on the project initiator’s requirements, ensuring alignment with their preferences for cloud software and CPO.


Consulting & Support

Throughout the entire process, we remain engaged, offering support and guidance for the complete implementation of the project initiator’s demands. Our commitment is to provide continuous assistance, ensuring a successful and satisfactory project outcome.


We strive to answer all emails within 24 hours.

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You can call us from 09:00 to 16:00 every weekday of the week.